Friday, June 27, 2008

My Uncle! Wish I new him better!

I am sorry Mark that I was not a part of your life as much as I should have been. I know in spirit we are chasing some of the same demons and fighting to stay here everyday. Well I found out that you have decided to change the fight and release your soul to a new place to start anew. I feel with my life the way it is and our separation from the family the way it has been we have similar paths to cross. Maybe your decision in transferring out of this body you will come and help me with my fight for a while and be a guide for me in the future. Since you are now no longer in body you can travel anywhere at anytime so I ask that before you leave this place for a fresh start take time to talk to you daughter Jessica and help her through this trying time in her life. You were her love and happiness and someone she could believe in whether you knew it or not. To everyone who knew my uncle Mark Shular thank you for being there for him as long as you were and helping him in his own struggle in life. My heart goes out to ya'll as well and hope you can find joy and solace in this saddening time. After you have mourned in your own hearts take time out and celebrate the life that was my uncle. I will miss him even though i did not know him as well as I should have. Maybe if I did he might still be here fighting with me today.

Sorry I will not be able to afford to travel back to Texas at this time to be present at the memorial but know that I am there in spirit and will take time out of my day to add strength to all who need it. I loved you uncle Mark and still do! Always know that and always remember me as your crazy little nephew!

Michael David Shular

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