Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sending Love and Prayers

Just want to say that I'm sending love and prayers, both for Mark and for Jessica, who has tried to help keep him in this world for so many years.

And sending love and prayers to everyone who knew and loved him. Surrounding all of you with light.

He was there for me when I first showed up at Westlake, nineteen years ago, and helped get me through my darkest hours. We shared the darkness, and it shed enough light to keep us both alive all these years.

No one has ever fought his demons any harder than he did. He showed up every day for his own life with courage and a great sense of humor.

Mark, my brother, I'm just happy that you are relieved of all suffering. Fly away, bro, fly away free.

We'll love you always.

Liz G.
Chimayo, NM

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